Oxford PEMF is a global provider of PEMF devices. We only work with the ethical resellers focused on supporting diverse individuals with making positive changes in their lives.
The minimum requirements to qualify:
5 and 1000
We only want to work with established organizations who have been in business for at minimum 5 years and have at least 1000 active customers.
We invest a lot of time in supporting our resellers and we require our resellers to achieve a minimum monthly sales quota of $80,000 to qualify for reseller pricing. After 2 consecutive months of non-achievement, your reseller designation will be dissolved.
Site Integration
We require our disclaimers, warranties, support, and product details to be properly worded and presented on your website. Any violation will void your reseller agreement.
We require a 90% or better customer approval rating validated through surveys, D&B, BBB, or reputable institution.
90% or Better
We expect our resellers to make a commitment to NOT to sell competing products to Oxford Medical Instruments.
Start Your Application Today
Please explain your experience and knowledge base within the health and wellness market.
How many years has your business been in operation?
Have you ever changed the business name? If so, what was the reason for the name change?
How many customers do you actively have using the products you sell?
What is the total cumulative revenues of your operation?
What is your organizations main website? If there are several websites selling your products, please list each of them.
What is the monthly unique user visits per website?
What is the conversion rate for each unique visit on your website?
What is your monthly revenue?
What are your customer conversions per month?
Have you ever tried a PEMF solution? If so, what were the results?
An Oxford PEMF reseller is provided 120 days to reach our minimum sales of $80,000 in products revenue per month. What would be your strategy to introduce Oxford PEMF into your network?
What is more important, developing a relationship or making a sale? Please explain.
Please explain your ideal partnership with Oxford PEMF?
What is your ideal revenue split target?
Are you interested in having your own custom branded products? If so, please explain.
If there are additional details that would help us qualify your organization to become a reseller of Oxford Medical Instruments, please explain.
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